2. Logging into your account

Logging into your account

In this support article, we walk you through logging into your account for the first time (and future times) and creating your first user.

Logging into LogicMonitor

If it is your very first time accessing your LogicMonitor account, navigate to:


Your custom URL (e.g. the "accountname" portion above) and login credentials should have been provided to you by LogicMonitor personnel upon the creation of your account.

Future Logins

For future logins, a valid username and password is needed (either the credentials used when initially logging in or those that were subsequently assigned to a new user account).

Forgotten Password

In the case of a forgotten password, click the I forgot my password! link located in the lower left of the login screen. You will be prompted to enter a username, and an email containing a temporary password reset URL will then be sent to that username's associated email account.

Note: The password reset URL will only remain active for 15 minutes.

Keep Me Signed In

Checking the "Keep Me Signed In" option will keep your user session open, even when no user activity has been detected for an extended period of time. This is particularly useful if you use the account to display dashboards on an NOC screen.

If you leave the "Keep Me Signed In" option unchecked, your session will time out automatically when a specified length of inactivity has been detected. This specified length of inactivity is set as a universal default from the Portal Settings tab of the Account Information page.

Creating Your First User

Upon logging in for the first time, you will be presented with a wizard that walks your through the creation of a new user, as well as the addition of Collectors and devices.

Follow the wizard's prompts to assign a username, password, email, and other pieces of information to your new user account. If you would like the user to have the ability to chat with an engineer from within the account, check the Enable LogicMonitor support account? option. (For more information on this support option, see How do I get support resources?)

Create your first user

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