1. About the LogicMonitor solution

Welcome to LogicMonitor. 

This Getting Started Guide will walk you through getting your account up and running. We recommend that you start with this article for an overview of how LogicMonitor works and then follow the link in the 'Next steps' section to move to the next article in the Getting Started Guide. If you prefer to learn via webinar tutorials, consider viewing our Product Overview 101 training video as well as our full library of webinars in the LogicMonitor Academy.


LogicMonitor is an agentless solution that does not require that you install something on each device within your infrastructure. Simply install a LogicMonitor collector, which is a 100MB Java application, in each location of your infrastructure. The collector will then monitor the devices within your infrastructure using standard monitoring protocols.


Cloud Based

LogicMonitor is a cloud based monitoring solution. All of the data collected by your LogicMonitor collector is consolidated in a LogicMonitor datacenter, and this data is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Hybrid Monitoring Solution

LogicMonitor is a hybrid monitoring solution - it can monitor every aspect of your infrastructure, no matter how dispersed or complex it is, whether it's on premise, in a CoLocation, in the cloud, or any combination of these. We don't charge per collector - you can install as many as you need.

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