8. Adding users and roles

Adding users and roles

LogicMonitor roles allow you to limit the access for each user in your LogicMonitor account to just what is needed.

Adding roles

You can add roles from the Settings | Roles section of your LogicMonitor account. Configure the specific permissions that you want to grant to the role. If you specify that no permissions should be granted for a particular tab of the account, that tab will not show up at all for any user with the role applied.

Adding roles

Adding users

Add users from the Settings | Users section of your account. For every user, you must specify which sections of the account the user should be able to see and what role should be applied to the user:

Adding users

Note: To configure permissions that allows a user to view or manage only part of a particular section of your account, deselect the View Permission for that section and apply a role that grants view or manage permissions for the specific part you want to grant access to.

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