DevOps Cloud

Customizable, scalable DevOps cloud to run all your applications; ready within minutes!

Step 1) Get started with a 300 baht setup fee (The above prices are subject to 7% VAT). This will be credited back to your account. This helps us screen for fraud.

Step 2) Login into our control panel to start creating your servers.

Step 3) Charges are calculated on an hourly basis and billed at the end of every week on Sunday.

- Limit 1 Account (1 Order)
- Maximum creation of 10 servers. If you need more, please contact us.
- Enter a Promotion Code if you have one.
- If the end user does not make their payment by the due date, the provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend their service in 3 days and permanently terminate their service in 7 days without prior notice. Any deleted data of the end user is not the responsibility of the provider.